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    Since 2009 Peter Mathis (b 1961) he has been specialising in large sized landscape photography.

    As the only Austrian photographer so far, he received the well-respected award of “Hasselblad Master” (2007). In 2008 he was awarded the “Master of European Photography”.

    Peter Mathis' landscape photography catapults us into another world. The experienced mountaineer often waits for the perfect moment for several days; when light, weather and the scenery exactly reflect the motif that he has been creating in his head. The landscape appears before us in a familiar way and yet his pictures always present something unknown, something we did not realise before.

    In doing so, he does not simply represent the mountains, lakes and nature, but illustrates their dignity and beauty. About his approach he states: “For almost forty years I have been going to the mountains, but now as a photographer, I see things differently. I consciously attempt to take a step back. Only with distance one can really appreciate the true dimension of the mountains.”