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Press Release - ICONS

New Group Show ICONS to open at Petra Gut Contemporary

Group photography exhibition highlights enduring power of art in times of crisis
Show runs 13 March – 27 June 2020



Petra Gut Contemporary is proud to announce ICONS, a new group show featuring work by Horst P. Horst,, Norman Parkinson, Terry O’Neill, Andreas Bitesnich, Tina Trumpp and Thomas Crauwels. Coming at a time of global crisis and uncertainty, ICONS demonstrates the enduring power of art to unite and inspire.

This exhibition explores what it means to be an icon, in every sense of the word. From photographic giants of the 20th century, to stars of the silver screen, to the Matterhorn, beloved emblem of Switzerland, to the concept of womanhood itself, these are icons that stand the test of time to bring people together.

ICONS is about stability, grace, and the ability to weather the storm, even in the face of adversity. Works by Terry O’Neill, Norman Parkinson, and Horst P. Horst show how these icons of photography came to define the popular mood throughout the huge upheavals of the 20th century, shaping the medium with intimate portraits of stars like Faye Dunaway, the Beatles, Brigitte Bardot, Suzanne Shaw, and Romy Schneider.

Tina Trumpp, F.C. Gundlach, and Andreas H. Bitesnich focus on the iconic emblem of the female form throughout art history, drawing on its enduring and universal appeal to explore the power, mystery, and sensuality of womanhood.

Power and mystery can be seen also in Thomas Crauwels’ utterly arresting alpine photography, which seems to bring the iconic mountains of Switzerland to life, casting them as characters in an age-old epic.

Whether in the craggy summits of alpine peaks, the celebrated profiles of global personalities, or in the soft curves of a woman’s body, these photographs show that true ICONS never age.

About Petra Gut Contemporary
Petra Gut Contemporary was founded in 2015 in the heart of Zurich and currently represents a mix of international emerging and established artists with the focus on photography, conceptual and minimal art in various media.

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