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    Alberto Venzago is known as the most important Swiss photo journalist. The winner of the ‘Robert Capa Awards’ has been working for globally renowned news magazines such as Stern, Sunday Time Magazine and Life, for more than forty years. Even critics grant that the 66-year old Zurich man has the ability to capture people with his lens in such a way that they don’t even notice it. This way intimate portraits and historical documents are created – from Voodoo-ghost healers to the Japanese Mafia and the Pentagon. As an artist, Venzago has been celebrating international successes for years.


    Karina Wiśniewska (b. 1966, Venice) is a Swiss-Polish artist and general renaissance woman. After a childhood spent travelling the world with her diplomat family, she became an internationally celebrated concert pianist, winning awards for her performances with national and philharmonic orchestras. 

    From the year 2000, Wisniewska moved towards visual art, showing equal prowess in painting, sculpture, and photography. She is also a highly-regarded author and editor, having contributed essays and regular columns to a number of cultural and philosophical publications.In 2010 Berteli Verlag published Bewegte Stille/Silent Dynamism, a monograph of Wiśniewska’s art and writing. 

    These enviably diverse skills and interests manifest themselves throughout Wiśniewska’s visual art, all of which practically pulses with vitality, movement, and music. Sometimes as monochromatic, ordered, and geometric as a musical score, sometimes organic, vibrant and flowing like a gentle melody, all her works share a harmony that comes from the artist’s intuitive connection with the world around her. There is a tactility there too, and an invitation that seems to draw the viewer into this compelling world of emotions, colours, and textures.