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    Through his iconic work on the America’s most successful advertising campaign „The Marlboro man“, Swiss artist Hannes Schmid (*1946) holds a unique place in the history of contemporary art and photography. 

    His visually sensitive style of reduction - obscuring of faces, dramatic contrasts within a limited colour palette and the use of the silhouette - added new drama to one of the most global advertising campaigns and ensured the continued longevity and global identity of the cowboy as the Marlboro man. 

    Originally approached because of his renowned works within the fashion industry and during the 70s and 80s with numerous rock stars like Elton John, Sting, ABBA, The Queens. His extraordinary eye makes his style of photography very distinctive. 

    Today, Schmid dedicated his life to an enormous and ever-expanding development project in Cambodia with the goal to aid 100’000 people to live independently by 2025. In its capital Phnom Penh alone, tens of thousands of children live on the streets. 

    They suffer from hunger, illness and abuse. Schmid is pioneering a new way of bridging true needs in society that would be both sustainable and profitable. He donates 10% of all sales proceeds to this project.


    Tony Kelly (b.1975, Ireland) is a fine art and fashion photographer and director. He began his career as a photojournalist, documenting Dublin’s developing cultural scene, before moving on to Barcelona in search of sunshine and blue skies. It was here that he learned to embrace his inner “street voyeur”, developing a signature style that has been compared to Helmut Newton. 

    While travelling the globe and working for newspapers such as Independent Newspapers and News International, he made a name for himself thanks to his unique take on the daily and cultural lives of the places he visited. He also worked on advertising campaigns with international brands such as Louis Vuitton, BMW, and the television network TNT, for which he won a Clio award. 

    Kelly has now settled in Los Angeles. It is little surprise, then, that his fine art photography explores a playful, high-gloss, hyper-stylised world. Yet under this shiny veneer there are subversive currents that enact role reversals, challenge stereotypes, and break taboos. 


    Gabi Trinkaus (b 1966) splices images from an industry that produces photos of the “woman perfect” and rearranges them in an intricate and tedious patchwork style that exploits the vulnerability of such illusions. Thereby creating a hybrid of classical portraiture and her critical discourse upon further inspection.” – Alexander Viscio, artist.


    Tina Trumpp was born in 1974 and is today living and working in Stuttgart.

    As a musician and art photographer, she dedicates her visual language to the beauty and strength of the female form. With natural light and soft drawings, she creates her own delicate and sensual image of women. Trumpp's seductive images trigger a narrative based on thoughtful emotions rather than primary instincts.

    She presents her muses with calm self-confidence and natural feeling, underlined by strength, breathtaking beauty and incredible elegance. When immersing yourself in these visual worlds, you can feel the intensity and soul of the artist when she encounters her muses.

    The present is blended with fantasies and dream images of the viewer of femininity and eroticism. The result is a feeling of calm that is still powerful and confident, while maintaining both classic style and modern sensibility.

    The female nude - more than just a motif: Trumpp's pictures are an ode to women and their sensitive beauty, which breathes with the gentle spirit of modern feminism.