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David Yarrow's latest photograph, a stunning portrayal of St Moritz, is expected to hold a special place in the hearts of the locals and frequent visitors, possibly more than for those unfamiliar with the area. This remarkable image focuses on the White Turf horse races, a significant event taking place on the frozen expanse below Badrutt’s Palace Hotel. Held across three weekends every February, it garners substantial interest not only as an international sporting spectacle but also as a local festivity, complete with horse racing, car races, polo, and cricket matches, all overseen by the grandeur of Badrutt’s.

Yarrow's ingenuity in blending a horse and jockey with the atmosphere of the renowned Renaissance Bar at Badrutt’s is a testament to his creative vision and understanding of the hotel management's progressive attitude, particularly that of GM Richard Leuenberger. St Moritz, while synonymous with affluence and elegance, maintains a down-to-earth charm, celebrating its rich heritage and culture. This inclusive mindset makes horses and jockeys a natural element of the town's identity, a notion warmly embraced by Richard Leuenberger, who was instrumental in this project.

The Renaissance Bar at Badrutt’s is not your average hotel bar. Its rich history and magnetic appeal set it apart. Known for its lax regulations, allowing smoking, and having no fixed closing time, it offered the perfect setting for Yarrow's photographic venture. The ambiance was further enhanced by the early morning preparations amidst the bar’s regular buzz of activity.

The inclusion of legendary figures from among the 800-strong staff of Badrutt’s in the photograph was a mutual decision by Yarrow and Richard, underscoring the institution's hallmark of long-serving employees.

Yarrow hopes this image will earn its place among the esteemed art collection of Badrutt’s, thereby illustrating the extraordinary fusion of tradition, opulence, and communal ethos that both St Moritz and the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel represent. This photo not only captures a moment in time but also tells a story of a community that thrives on its traditions while welcoming innovation and artistic expression.

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