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Did you see David Yarrow's new release? The Snowman was shot in Montana early this year and is available in two sizes: 147 x 132 cm and 206 x 180 cm.


Engaging in wildlife photography, especially capturing a majestic bison bull against a snowy backdrop, is a highly sought-after scene in the world of photography. David Yarrow, a renowned wildlife photographer, has mastered this art through his exceptional work. His experiences in the field highlight that achieving such perfect shots is a feat of perseverance, often involving more unsuccessful attempts than successes. This relentless pursuit and challenge are essential elements in the art of photography, particularly when dealing with unpredictable wildlife in natural habitats.

Montana, with its sprawling landscapes and harsh winters, often serves as the backdrop for Yarrow's bison photography. This region presents unique challenges due to its unpredictable and rapidly changing winter weather. For photographers like Yarrow, timing is critical. The ideal conditions — a cold morning with fresh snow — are rare and prized occurrences. Yarrow's extensive experience has taught him the importance of patience and time in capturing these fleeting moments.

In Yarrow's photography, the cold of Montana is not just a number on the thermometer. He often finds himself working in temperatures far below the freezing point, around -10°F or -23°C. It's in these extreme and frigid temperatures that Yarrow believes the most captivating photographic opportunities are found. The harsh conditions add a dramatic element to the photographs, emphasizing the raw and rugged beauty of the wildlife and landscape.

A particularly memorable moment in Yarrow's career occurred on a frosty morning north of Livingston, Montana. He captured a bison with its beard covered in frost, a detail that highlighted the extreme conditions of the shoot. Such intricate details are vital in his photography, adding depth and character to his subjects. The sight of a 1700-pound bison bull standing in front of the camera is visually striking. In Yarrow's work, these majestic creatures take center stage, their presence commanding and overwhelming. The freezing conditions, while challenging, become a secondary element to the grandeur and primal majesty of the bison. This interplay of the animal's strength and the environment's harshness is a hallmark of Yarrow's photography, showcasing not just the physical attributes of the bison but also capturing the essence of their natural habitat. His work is a testament to the beauty and resilience of wildlife, and the artistry involved in wildlife photography.


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