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Petra Gut Contemporary is pleased to announce the new exclusive representation in Switzerland of Lausanne-based artist Christian Coigny.


Christian Coigny is a world-renowned Swiss photographer with an impressive career in traditional black-and-white and fashion photography. Christian left Switzerland for San Francisco in 1968. He landed an advertising contract with Levi's that helped launch his career there. The artist mainly works with analogue materials. His art is grounded in classical training and significantly motivated by prominent American painters like Edward Hopper, Georgia O'Keefe and Andrew Wyeth.


From 1987 to 1997, Christian Coigny photographed more than 130 personalities from the cultural world sitting on Vitra's legendary chairs. His pictures have given life to an advertising campaign launched by "Mister Vitra", alias Rolf Fehlbaum, for his company. He also worked for clients such as Hermès, Bongenie Grieder, Krug Champagnes, Ferretti yachts and Hublot watches, and for many years he has participated in creating catalogues and publicity campaigns for Chopard. Today, Coigny devotes most of his time to working as a nude, landscape and still-life photographer. 


Christian's work is highly sought after by private clients and major publications.

"Unveiling the Charm of Benicia: Christian Coigny's Captivating Black and White Imagery"

Nestled in the heart of California's storied landscape, Benicia stands still in a moment of time through the lens of Christian Coigny. His black and white photograph, simply titled "Benicia, California," is a testament to his mastery of light, shadow, and composition. This image, a part of Coigny's acclaimed body of work, invites viewers to a tranquil scene that resonates with the essence of this historic town.

The photograph presents an unadorned yet evocative umbrella, its form open and resting against the stark contrast of a wooden building. The umbrella, a symbol of protection and resilience, captures the spirit of Benicia's residents and the city's enduring charm. Coigny's work is not just a visual encounter but an emotional journey, leveraging the interplay of light to cast a poetic silhouette that dances on the wooden deck.

Coigny's choice of monochrome tones elevates the simplicity of the scene, allowing the textures of the wood siding and the umbrella's fabric to emerge with tactile clarity. The absence of color in this image is not a lack but a deliberate silence, offering space for reflection and a sense of timelessness.

The placement of the umbrella and the shadow it casts suggest a narrative beyond the frame – a moment of rest, a sudden departure, or a quiet anticipation of the return of its owner. The background offers a glimpse of the Carquinez Strait, with the faint outline of the bridge in the distance, anchoring the photograph in its geographic context and inviting contemplation of the broader landscape that shapes the city's identity.

"Benicia, California" by Christian Coigny is more than a photograph; it is a masterful portrayal of stillness and storytelling through the medium of photography. It captures not just the light of the Californian sun but the soul of a place, making it a perfect piece to adorn the walls of those who appreciate the nuanced artistry of black and white photography.


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