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Petra Gut Contemporary is thrilled to announce a new artist under our representation: Michael Kahn.

Michael Kahn’s stunning seascape and spectacular sailing photographs, created with traditional black and white film, are warmly toned, signed, and numbered in limited edition. With a distinctive sense of composition and attention to tonal relationships, the emotional force exhibited in Michael’s photographs has allowed him to be one of the most memorable photographers of our time. 


0121912 J Class Endeavour, Isle of Wight England, 30x30” toned fine art pigment print from the black and white film negative, signed and numbered

Michael, born in 1960, started photographing after high school when he apprenticed in a portrait studio where they used Hasselblad cameras with a square 6x6cm format. Michael received hands-on training in film handling and black and white printmaking. Here Michael also learned skills in advertising, product and editorial photography. From there, Michael branched off on his own, shooting for magazines and other commercial clients. In 1990 he published a book of black and white photographs of the Brandywine River in Southeastern Pennsylvania. In the mid-90s, Michael took his first sailing photograph of a small boat in the fog on a lake in the Adirondacks. This image launched his nautical photography career. Michael made the decision to stay with his film cameras instead of going with the new trends in digital equipment. He has been showing his fine art photographs in art galleries around the work for over 25 years and continues to make handmade photographs in his darkroom. Fine art pigment prints are made from the black and white film negative, printed on 300lb. watercolour paper, and are the highest quality digital prints in the marketplace. 

8716 Morning Reflections, Brooklin Maine, 30x30” toned fine art pigment print from the black and white film negative, signed and numbered


His fine art photography coffee-table books include Spirit of Sailing, Over the Dunes, East Coast Atlantic Beaches, Sailboats, Martha’s Vineyard and Healing Power of Water.



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