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Greg Gorman | Solo Exhibition in Zurich

Greg Gorman | Solo Exhibition in Zurich

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Born in Kansas in 1949, Gorman has captured global attention with his compelling portraits. Known for his minimalist and authentic style, he masterfully reveals the essence of his subjects from the entertainment, sports, and music industries. His notable subjects include cultural icons such as David Bowie, Sofia Loren, Jane Goodall, and Elton John. The artist discovered his passion for photography at a young age when he borrowed a friend’s camera to photograph a Jimi Hendrix concert. He pursued this passion at the University of Kansas, majoring in Photojournalism, and later completed a Master of Fine Arts in Cinematography at the University of Southern California.

His career took him to Los Angeles, where he became part of the “School of Los Angeles” group of photographers, capturing the faces of many rising stars with his authentic, stripped-back feel. Gorman’s work has been featured in exhibitions globally and has led to the publication of thirteen photography books, one of which highlights our upcoming exhibition. His distinguished career has earned him several prestigious awards, including

The Lifetime Achievement Award in Portraiture from the Professional Photographers of America.

Gorman views portraiture as a collaborative journey that puts subjects at ease and captures subtle expressions and fleeting moments. Elton John, a long-time fan and subject, describes Gorman’s work: “A master portraitist, like Greg, can create an atmosphere where someone’s guard truly comes down. His magical lens can peer deep into the soul of his subjects and reveal their inner beauty, struggles, and happiness. Greg’s photographic wizardry captures the sitter with penetrating clarity and perfect focus to communicate something beyond the subject itself.”

Over three years in the making, this show features surprising juxtapositions and discoveries, experiments and long-standing collaborations, all captured with Gorman’s signature lighting and gift for portraying his subjects at their most natural. Gorman believes that the most successful photographs “do not answer all the questions and leave something to the imagination,” serving as “a testament to the individual character of the subject.“



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