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Many enthusiasts consider the Dracula Club in St Moritz to be the best nightclub in the world. This group, steadfast in their opinion, attributes any contrary votes to a lack of understanding or demographic differences. David Yarrow, a well-traveled photographer who has experienced numerous nightclubs globally, echoes this sentiment. While not a member himself, Yarrow acknowledges the unique allure of Dracula Club, suggesting that its ardent supporters may indeed have a point.

The Dracula Club, with its expansive yet intimate chalet design, mirrors the essence of St Moritz. The town is known externally for its wealth and glamour but is celebrated internally for its carefree spirit and relaxed regulations. The club epitomizes this atmosphere, blending the fanciful charm of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" with the iconic flair of Studio 54. Yarrow recounts witnessing octogenarians dancing with youthful energy alongside their grandsons' girlfriends, a scene that defies convention and exudes a refreshing liberation from societal norms.

The legacy of the Dracula Club is intertwined with Gunter Sachs, who established St Moritz as a party destination. Following his move there with his wife, Brigitte Bardot, Sachs felt the need for a personal club, leading to the creation of Dracula. After Sachs' passing, the club's management was inherited by his son Rolf, known for his charisma, intelligence, and creative flair. It was Rolf who granted Yarrow the rare opportunity to bring a film crew into this exclusive venue, a gesture of trust that Yarrow was keen to honor, aware that such opportunities at Dracula Club are exceptionally rare.

When discussing St Moritz's vibe, Yarrow often encounters curiosity about the negative aspects typically associated with privilege and excess. However, his perspective is one of admiration for the unabashed enjoyment of life displayed within the town and its iconic club. His experiences and observations offer a glimpse into a world where joy and celebration take precedence, providing a unique lens through which to view the renowned St Moritz nightlife.

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