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David Yarrow, in his exploration of St Moritz's history, highlights Johannes Badrutt, a local builder often recognized as the founding father of modern St Moritz. He is credited with revolutionizing luxury Alpine hotels. Badrutt's vision materialized with the creation of the Engadiner Kulm in the 1860s, establishing unprecedented standards of luxury. Additionally, his son, Caspar Badrutt, played a crucial role in this legacy, transforming The Beau Rivage into the renowned Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in 1896, a subject vividly captured in Yarrow's photography.

Badrutt’s Palace, with its expansive drawing rooms, intricate furnishings, and Neo-Gothic architecture, quickly became a renowned institution. It attracted not only the Swiss elite but also the British upper classes, lured by St Moritz’s bright winter sun and the thrill of various ice events. By the turn of the century, St Moritz had established itself as Europe's winter El Dorado, with Badrutt’s Palace at its epicenter.

Over the past 120 years, the hotel has maintained its enchanting allure, gaining worldwide fame. It's not uncommon to see scores of tourists gathered outside its grand entrance, capturing memories of this iconic destination.

Renowned photographer David Yarrow sought to capture this grandeur through his lens. He chose to photograph the entrance of Badrutt’s Palace in a 1960s style, paying homage to the era when Gunter Sachs and Brigitte Bardot contributed to St Moritz’s reputation as the world’s most glamorous winter resort.

Yarrow’s aim was to not only capture the physical beauty of the place but to evoke a sense of time, reflecting on an era marked by elegance and excitement. The photograph is more than just an image; it's a window into a time of opulence and celebration, a period where Badrutt’s walls, if they could speak, would recount stories of mischief, glamour, and most importantly, the exuberance of life. His work encapsulates the essence of St Moritz, reflecting its enduring charm and the timeless joy it brings to its visitors.

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