54 Degrees South

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54 Degrees South
54 Degrees South

Photography | Animals & Birds

Limited edition, signed

54 Degrees South, Archival Pigment Print, 119 x 163 cm, ed. 12 + 3 AP (final)┃160 x 226 cm, ed. 12 + 3 AP

South Georgia is raw and exposed. The mountains rise like Jurassic Park from the most intimidating of seas. There is a palpable feeling of life on the edge. Meanwhile the wind on the island is often its most defining characteristic. Wind is not easy to convey in a photograph but it’s a challenge that needs to be taken on if a true sense of place is going to be portrayed in a single still image. It’s tough to do a good job in capturing the enormity of it all, the wind, the sense of final frontier. This was my best chance as these magnificent King Penguins offered scale and perspective and they were in a perfect spot. But shooting in high and violent seas from a zodiac in limited light is as tough as it gets. Forget autofocus and really forget almost everything else. You just hope that one shot comes out. I don’t think there was much skill involved, just an appetite to get soaking wet and very cold. This image needs to be big to see all that is going on.

119 x 163 cm


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