Peter Zimmermann | Digital Blobs!

Peter Zimmermann | Digital Blobs!


Exhibition runs from 25 October - 24 November 2018

Petra Gut Contemporary is pleased to announce the first solo show with Peter Zimmermann in Zurich

Peter Zimmermann (b. 1956, Freiburg, Germany) is widely viewed as one of the most important conceptual new-media artists alive today. Combining complex graphic algorithms with painterly techniques in epoxy resin, acrylic, and now oil paint, his pioneering works push the boundaries of contemporary painting to new and exciting levels.

Peter Zimmermann, Digital Blobs, © Peter Zimmermann

In his work, Zimmermann explores the relationships between image and text, and between an original and its later representations. In an effort to challenge traditional, centrally-sourced methods of knowledge dissemination (textbooks, encyclopaedias), he opts instead for more "democratic" content. Since the 90's, the forward-looking artist has crowdsourced his original material online, including book covers, old paintings, photographs, film stills, and diagrams.

These freely-available images are then distorted until unrecognisable, using digital design software and complex algorithms. The results are seen in abstract shapes that tug slightly at the consciousness like a half-remembered dream.

Amorphous shapes and multidimensional layers of colour glisten in Zimmermann’s work, whether on canvas or in large-scale installations. They burst with rich, glossy tones: vibrant fuchsia, jade, scarlet, aquamarine, buttercup yellow and more, all mingling joyously together.

Yet it is not only the spectacular tones that draw the eye to Zimmerman’s works, but also his masterful command of light and texture. Layers of translucent paint build up on top of one another, gleaming as if with an inner light. At times, it feels as if one might sink through the lustrous surfaces to a viscous world below.

This mastery over light, colour and texture carries through to Zimmermann’s more recent works on canvas too. Here, the perfectly hardened polish and sheen of the epoxy are replaced the earthier movement and texture of oil paint, and brushstrokes stream across the canvas like a flock of glowing birds.

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Petra Gut Contemporary was founded in 2016 in the heart of Zurich with the focus on photography, conceptual and minimal art in different medias.

Petra Gut Contemporary will host an opening reception on 24 October, 2018 from 6 – 8pm with an exclusive Q&A and guided tour with artist Peter Zimmermann.

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