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    Tom Jacobi, born 1956 in Bonn (Germany), started photographing when he was fifteen years old. After a short escapade into studying law, he joined the renowned photo agency Sven Simon in 1976, at the age of twenty. His main focus laid on taking portraits of leading German politicians, Willy Brandt, Ludwig Erhard, Helmut Schmidt and Helmut Kohl being among them.

    Archaic and seemingly raw landscapes, rugged cliffs, magic vastness, graphic structures of water, desert, clouds and ice. For four years former Stern art director Tom Jacobi travelled through seven continents and created a view of the world in its essential materiality with his large format landscapes.

    With his trilogy composed out of his series »Grey Matter(s)« (2014–2015), »Into the Light« (2015–2017) and »The Light Within« (2018) »Grey Matter(s)« (2014–2015), »Into the Light« (2015–2017) and »The Light Within« (2018) Tom Jacobi has created an homage to nature and planet Earth, his style and approach are putting him in the tradition of landscape photography by Ansel Adams or Sebastião Salgado. The trilogy distinguishes itself by being photographed in colour, even though colour ismostly excluded from his work. Jacobi finds countless nuances within the spectra of grey, white and bronze to form an achromatic cosmos, which he himself describes as the “absence of the juggler colour”.


    Silke Lauffs (b.1969, Hanau, Germany) is an analogue photographer who creates striking black-and-white images that capture an ethereal, timeless beauty. 

    Lauffs originally trained as an interior designer, and though she only worked in that field for a few years, a designer’s eye for clean lines and striking composition has certainly remained in her photography, which she has dedicated her life to. 

    Another constant thread throughout the self-taught photographer’s work is a pervasive sense of calmness and stillness. Lauffs has travelled the world, visiting places known for their vibrant colours, crowds, and noise: India, China, South Africa, south-east Asia… Yet her works capture an extraordinary monochromatic serenity, from empty streets to rolling hills –an effect often achieved by rising before dawn or going far from the beaten path. 

    This calm beauty, combined with Lauffs’ analogue techniques and her tendency to favour long exposure times, lends these photographs a timeless air. They look almost as if they could have been taken any time during the last century, both in style and in subject matter. Yet there is a contemporary edge to the works, Lauffs insists: in capturing the beauty in the world around us, she hopes we will be encouraged to show more care for it.