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    Bruno Bisang (b. 1952, Switzerland) is one of the most celebrated fashion photographers alive today. After growing up in Ascona, he studied photography in Zurich at the School of Applied ArtsSince then, he has worked in cities across Europe, and he is currently based between New York, Milan, Zurich, and Paris. His clients have included Givenchy, Chanel, and Guerlain, and his work has been published in international fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan, GQ, and Vogue. 

    Bisang has described himself as a “bathed in a feminine universe,” and in his photographs he strives to capture the multifaceted essence of female mystique. While these works are odes to the sensual beauty of the female form, they are also intimate portraits that give us a glance into the complex personalities of his subjects. He has worked with some of the world’s most celebrated supermodels, from Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Cambell to Iman Bowie and Tyra Banks, showing audiences a hidden side to these women that is rarely seen. 


    The photographic work of the internationally well-known Austrian photographer Andreas H. Bitesnich (b. 1964) is captivating by its beauty and aesthetic sensitivity. His nude photography does not bring eroticism to the foreground but transforms the naked bodies of his models into sculptures.

    Bitesnich leaves out anything redundant in order to intensify the balanced aesthetics of his work. Poses are elegant and appear leight.

    In 1988, Bitesnich began to deal with photography as a 24 year old. Thus began his ten year long autodidactic training-on-the-job process. During this time he gained profound knowledge of photography and as a consequence set new standards in the genre of nude photography.

    Bitesnich opts for reduction and models the body like a sculpture by using light and shade. He composes his photographies geometrically and develops very balanced image structures. Nonetheless, they do not come across in a harsh manner but are fully of emotion. Sometimes, it is a look or a gesture that indicates subtle signals. 

    Apart from nude photography and portraits at his studio, Bitesnich has a passion for street and travel photography. Both of these different genres complement each other in Bitesnich's work.  He uses reduction in both cases, at the studio he reduces form while it is colour when travelling.  Shadows have become increasingly deeper over the years and shades increasingly darker.  The inspiration for Bitesnich’s travel photography does not result from photography itself but from the aesthetics of 'film noir'. 


    Sebastian Copeland, born in 1964, is a French-British-American photographer, environmental activist, and polar explorer. He began his career as a fashion and society photographer, but since 2000 has focused exclusively on climate change and promoting awareness of some of the most beautiful and vulnerable areas of the world, especially the Arctic and Antarctic. 

    Working in a style that crosses between documentary, reportage, and fine art photography, Copeland centres his work entirely on the natural world, both in the frame and in the discourse around his images. Whether they feature the raw power of polar bears, the ethereal blue-green beauty of ice flows, or the mesmerising abstract patterns of the barren polar landscape, these are works that grip the viewer and encourage broader questions about our place on this planet.