Peter Mathis photographed the Alps in a touching intensity.
Manchmal zittert sein Körper vor Kälte, wenn er im Nebel auf dem Berg steht und auf den Auslöser drückt. Der Fotograf Peter Mathis dokumentiert die Alpen - in beeindruckenden Schwarz-Weiß-Aufnahmen.
Various materials and fabrics are often presented on top of or next to each other and arranged as collages and installations in Ruth Campau's work. Her fascination for materials with special effect is obvious
The current exhibition presents three female artists and a male artist, all of whom deal with "space" in their particular way. They have in common that they explore possibilities to expand their art work into the third dimension and thus achieve additional consideration within the space
Peter Mathis (1961) lives and works in Hohenems (A). Since 2009 he has been specialising in large sized landscape photography. His photography work is exhibited in international private and public collections.
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